Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's a God Thing???

The Phrase Meme is at it again!  I'm hearing this phrase, "It's a God Thing!" popping up in conversations. What exactly does it mean?  I looked it up online. That's when things got a bit interesting...  For starters, there's even a book with that phrase as its title.  There's a radio show solely devoted to  "...very personal, verified interviews with folks like you and me who have experienced God in an unusual, often dramatic, way."  And the website address for this radio show?  Wow -  you're smart!  Can't believe you guessed it! But those of you from Pitts, Georgia - the address is  Some folks have written poems about it.  There's an entire Facebook page dedicated to this phrase and you could even buy a t-shirt from them with the phrase emblazoned on the shirt! Shipping included!

What do people really mean when they say this? Charitably, I think that people mean "providence" (God moving in the lives of his people according to his immutable will).  If that's what it means, well - why don't we say providence?  I think Providence is such a cool word.  "It's a God Thing" sounds like it came out of The Bobsey Twins.  What's worse this phrase seems so...flaccid.  I'm sorry but that's the first word that pops into my mind.  It is an amorphous, ambiguous, limp and soft saying. 

I figured out my response next time someone mindlessly utter this phrase. I will then exclaim, "Monkey's Aflame!" An equally meaningless phrase but delightful and so hip. It could mean "Wow!" or it could mean, "Way to go dog!"  or it could actually mean that I saw a monkey on fire.

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